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Actions NEED consequences in order to teach the principles of conduct. We are subject to a life of sin where free will can prevail because the capacity to learn from what is aberrant is nothing but sacred. In EQ2, it IS skill to postpone an enemy's capacity to subjugate and pilfer your corpse. Satisfaction is derived out of having a meaningful impact upon those you kill and, likewise, having repercussions that are equally as reactive when you die. It intensifies battle when something is on the line aside from your kill/death ratio, because you can actually make the vehement effort to preserve your life and reap the benefits, or you can simply ignore that aspect of competition. All this did was destroy the liberties available to players and consign everyone to a mindless zerging grind.

People claim titles meant nothing, but they showcased either situational awareness or the capacity to dominate your environment with whatever faculties are available to you. Sure, some people bought and sold fame, but such activities were nothing but scorned by the general public. Now, all you need is a friend with a title in range to yours, and, like Toopoc said, all it takes is a simple 2 minute transaction to impede the impact of decay on the both of you. The bottom line is now that life is lossless in EQ2, and it seems the LS docks grind will go on for some time, a la WOW and WAR, except with far less volume and server stability. Again, fame loss or gain from every title would make the return to consequential conduct in PvP.

(P.S. Having world objectives like those mentioned in parts 1 & 2 of my thread [with the regulations therein, so too] would instigate more homogenous combat, instead of what it is to hug zonelines and immunity.)

Thats all fine and dandy sel.

But the reality is that we play a game were skill is heavily tied into gear/class.

Why is it fair to the classes that are weak in pvp to be excluded from the show case price you speak off ?

Only when everybody is equal is it proudent to claim that player skill will dominate.



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