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toopoc wrote:

Hi, i know we have all been going through the new pvp changes with the no fame loss and zerg, of course more people are fighting. there is nothing to lose. But i have more of a problem that is making the game unfun! i know a few people who are in game farming each other for fame they kill each other and get fame every thirty minutes and just do this for about 7-9 hours a day... and of course they lose nothing for dieing this is a new level of insecurity for fame and i want to see a fix espeacially as a REAL pvper

This post is for the GM's to see why we need death loss flame me if u want but i want pvp to actually have worth either take fame out of the game or have it work properly!!!!

For the stuff in yellow.

No matter what kind of title they get they will still be as bad/good as they where before,so dosent make any diffrence to me when i run into em.

Stuff in green.

Just remove it and be done with it seems like the best option.



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