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Luterin wrote:

kahonen wrote:

And how, exactly, does the game know that you do actually need an item on the alt?

Here's an idea, if you need it for an alt, how about saying "I need that for an alt, do you mind if I NEED on it?"

Yah, revolutionary I know!

The game knows what characters you have and what levels they are, and if you don't match the criteria you will not be able to "Need on Alt".

Perhaps using the 'need' option should automatically bind it to you - no-trade and attuned. That would solve the vast majority of the problem in this and other MMO's.

Otherwise, everyone just ends up 'needing' - last time I did a dungeon finder, some idiot was needing on everything - so I did the same, functionally reducing it to 'greed' rolls anyway. Then when they REALLY need an item - tough crap, I'm needing on it too - someone else is going to do that to me the whole time and not expect me to hit 'need' to even the playing field.

But then - this is WHY my Guardian solos 90% of the time, unless I'm grouping with guildies - then I can leave it on auto-greed and do the dungeon properly instead of dealing with stupidity and drama.

If you really WANT an item for an alt and don't have time or consideration to ASK the group first then you should go solo anyway. Last time someone in the group 'asked' for a potential drop the whole group was like 'sure whatever'.

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