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Well the fix is simple isn't it? Only a SK can roll need on SK books. If the SK wan'ts a mystic book, they don't NEED it for their toon they are playing on and thus should be limited to GREED or PASS. Thought its pretty simple. If you "NEED" for an alt it is not NEED, you shouldn't be able to roll and win over the mystic for that mystic book, if he NEEDs it.

They already implemented this on test for two weeks, and the community raised holy heck over it because it created more problems than it solved.  Groups basically starting going like this:

  • SK Item drops.
  • Everyone who is not a SK hits Greed, not needing it, being reasonable people.
  • One person says "Hay, do you mind if I Need on that for an alt?"
  • Group says "Sure, no problem", being a group of reasonable people
  • Sony swoops in and says "MUHAHAHA - You're not a SK, you can't need on that! Even if everyone agrees, we still won't let you!" (*)
  • The person that could use it on an alt then has the choice of asking the leader to reset group options, so he can roll greed, and everyone else could switch to decline, or pestering the winner pretty please for a trade after the fact, either way slowing down and possibly irritating the group.  Or just saying to heck with it, and not getting the item everyone agreed they could have.

Yes, there are jerks in the game.  But screwing with the loot mechanics of groups of reasonable people just punished the reasonable people, punished guild groups, punished groups of friends, punished raids, and the jerks still found ways to be jerks.

(*) Apologies to Rothgar, who truly did have the best of intentions when he put it in......

So why doesn't the winner of GREED just pass it on if they don't mind?

Why can't you be an Adult and stop asking for Nanny to make the Jerks play nice who woudl not anyway

By this slippery-slope logic anyone who doesn't just use FFA loot is letting SOE babysit their group... ? 

What I really, truly do not understand is that since heirloom items are tradable for 24hrs why is this an issue? If someone wins something that you want for an alt, send them a tell and offer to pay for it. It's what I've been doing for a while now. If the person doesn't want the money, cool that's their deal, or maybe they don't want to trade it to you at all. Maybe they want it to transmute for adornment items for their lvl 90 instead of it sitting in your shared bank for that lv 24 SK you're never going to level anyway.

me thinks you do not know what a slippery slope is.

The people I group with are Adults and communicate what we are rolling for and if it is ok to role for an alt when they ask me to bring my well geared main who deso'nt need anythign there If I do PUG I let the leader and others tell me the lloot rules and if I notice someone being a Jerk and neededing on everything I make a note not to group with them again and then let my guild and friends know the type of person they are so they don't group with that jerk in other words let the player community police the jerks and stop expecting SoE to punish those who aren't jerks becuase of those that are jerks.

I do not Roll on toons that I"m not leveling and dont' plan to play and only if they are close to the level(nice try at poisening the well there with a baseless assumption) i'm rolling on like 1 or 2 levels. 5 max. of course my friends and guild have always been willing to play the toons needed to succeed in the objective becuase we can state at the beginning who we are rolling for and just roll need no problems and get on with playing the game instead of stopping at every roll and discussing who is going to decline go for greed or need. the trade within 48 hours is for those who make a mistake and want to rectifiy it not for a jerk who thinks it would be a great way to make money off of others bad luck on rolls.  the need before greed was put in to make the instance runs go more smoothly not so that jerks could be jerks and others could be whine about them being jerks instead of letting the community handle them. this argument has already been done with people on each side saying the same things the one in answer to those who want mechanics put in place that will not punish those it is intended to but those who want to play the game and be good community members.

IF I sound short about it all is becuase I've been there done that with this discussion before go to the test forum adn look upt the need before greed thread when they tried to change the mechanics to what the op wanted.

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