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kahonen wrote:

Wow!  I didn't realise Alan Turing was alive and well and playing EQ2.  We are honoured by your presence, sir.

So just a few megabytes?  And how many are playing?  And how many alts do they have?  And how many of those alts need to be tracked and searched? And now how many megabytes? Plus you forget the time taken to run the algorithm required to decide what is needed and by whom.  And you also forget that when it's implemented it won't actually work and will probably result in nobody being able to loot anything for 2 months while the bug is sorted.

You really need to think before you post, especially if you are going to use that post to have a dig at someone

I'm not convinced an increase in server lag is a reasonable trade-off for getting rid of something that so few people regard as a problem.

I can think of a million and one fixes that are a much higher priority than this, if a fix is even needed at all.

Oh, I'm not saying it's a good idea.  It's a terrible idea.  I'm just saying you don't need a super computer for it.  You need an internet connection.

I can't imagine the character data in question would need much space.  Name, server, class, race.  Slider values for character render.  Associated account info, probably.  Item IDs for equipment/appearance/inventory/bank + slot location + adorns/reforging.  AA setup.  Adventure, Trade, AA XP.  That's about all I can think of for an avatar.  Housing, guild stuff, etc would add more, but again that's nothing magic.  You could distill a character into a readable text file with absolutely no problem, and I'd bet it'd be a few megs at most.  Is that how they actually do it?  Probably not, but it's possible.

The server overhead is minimal.  The group loot option (let's call it AltLoot) would have to be set to this special system, so it wouldn't be in effect all the time anyway.

An equippable item drops under AltLoot.  The server makes six (at max) queries to see what other characters are on the respective account on the server.  Character cap is, what, 12?  Check their class (this wouldn't require the entire character retrieval).  If it fits, move on to check the character versus equipment level.  If the character can equip it based on level, we get into the controversial "How is one item better than another?" fight.  Let's say they choose to do this by comparing item level * quality.  If this value is less than the drop, alt loot lights up and we stop, mark the player as eligible for AltLoot, and move on to the next player.  Otherwise, if there are any more characters than can equip the item, we move on to them and run the check.

Worst case is a group of six, none of which can equip the item, with 11 alts, all the correct class, each ineligible on the final check with player 6 character 11 being the only eligible for AltLoot.  That'd be 66 operations if I'm not mistaken.  In general the algorithm's arbitrary complexity would be n^2, I think, but I'm rusty in that department.

Then the server would have to return which players are eligible for the loot, which we can assume is near-trivial (6 packets, one to each player).

It's a terrible idea but totally implementable.  Whether it's fast or not depends entirely on account -> character access time.

You need to think before you post.  

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