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Since there is some discussion here about whether we might see some of the SC items available free in-game, and if having an item with the same graphic as a SC item available would diminish the value of the SC item to the person who purchased it -- I thought I would post these screenies.

Here is an example of two items with nearly identical graphics.  The only difference is, one has a slightly darker shade of green, but that difference is hardly discernable.  However, if you examine the items, you see that one is the legendary Cowl of the Pathfinder, while the other is just a cloth hat called the Kelethin Outrider Hood.  It's kind of like a Gucci bag and a knock-off. 

My ranger has the Cowl of the Pathfinder waiting in his vault for the day when he can wear it, but in the meantime he would like to have the outrider hood.  He won't be getting it, because I'm not buying him that whole $10 set of armor just to get him the hood.  Still, I think both items have a place in the game, and neither diminishes the other.  (Of course, Cowl of the Pathfinder is hardly a common drop.  Maybe some of the other SC hats with interesting and different graphics will be made available as rare drops like this one. )

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