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Vain wrote:

Again, everyone has missed one of the points of my argument - not that SC/LoN are currently drawing resources from the game, the decision to create them instead of focussing more resources at EQ2 was flawed.

I would like to see the books on EQ2-based purchases from SC versus EQ1 and others. Please show them to me, Noa, when you get the chance.

How about this public figure.  The SC Items sold for the "Child's Play" fundraiser resulted in a $20,000 donation to "Child's Play".  Aside from that demonstrating the goodness in the hearts of our fellow players, it also shows that people utilized SC. That's a few limited items that generated $20,000.

Now, for the practical verses the implausable.  LoN proved to be a winner for them. They declared that thus far SC has been a success.  Why would they in retrospect choose to pump more assets into the same return for the most part of revenue rather than add additional revenue? It does not take a Harvard Business Major to figure that one out.

So in your argument, you concede that their efforts did not come out of game resources, yet you wish to tell them where they can spend their investments and that they should defray on profits in the interest of making a few players a bit happier?  It's a business for them and businesses are out to find new ways to make profits of existing products.  Welcome to the forest Bambi.

Frankly, I'm glad to see both SC and LoN a success.  Since they are somewhat dependent on the core games, it gives them more reasons to improve those games in the future.

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