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Galldora wrote:

Eugam wrote:

The sailors cap shouldnt be ingame, or on SC or LON or anywhere but the trashcan Its embarassing but a good sign where the game is.

There's a sailor's cap? What cap is that?

Marketplace has one set of armor with a sailor cap.

It looks like this:

Dont get me wrong. I have no problem with SC. The armor isnt worth the money, the hats are sometimes. Personally i really have spent 10 Euro for the green hood for my warden. It looks good with my animists set from Labs. I destroyed the rest of the armor set though.

But this cap doesnt fit Norrath. I have seen a gnome in shorts, topless and with this cap. In another game it would be a nice gnome sailor, in EQ2 its ridiculous and destroying the visual experience ingame. There are bandana ingame for quite a while but have no visuals. Bandanas are not only scarfs or belts but also used for the head.$fullsize$

Thats all i am asking/hoping for. That the devs dont put items ingame that destoy the last bit of immersion. Its not that hard it you try.

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