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Happa wrote:
Troubor wrote:

So don't complain.  I don't want to just jump in and flame, but what you're more or less saying IMO is that people have no right to complain if something is broken then.  Sorry, but I will complain.  I will be civil and try my best to report in a way that provides information without being insulting, but I will complain.

Guess I'm not going to just bend over and take it if something is broken, even if you feel we should.

I didn't say you couldn't bring an issue to Sony's attention when it needs to be fixed. They obviously need to know about login issues (though, honestly, they probably know before most people) or anything else vital of the sort. But there is no reason to complain that you cannot login to a game, especially when you agree that you may not be able to access your account at all times.Please be my guest to complain about login issues, but do us all a favor and complain on the right channel by disagreeing to EULA, and moreover, the fact that you want to access your account all the time which Sony will not promise. Oh, and you might also disagree to the first article about being an adult while you're "complaining."

im sorry but when i pay people money for a service i expect that it to work. i know stuff will happen, which is no big deal. but saying i have no reason to complain is foolish at best, by me paying them money for a service and then not getting that service. would pretty much be stealing from me, same why if i said ya ill fix your car for 500 bucks and say after giving you the keys back that you agree that your car may not start 100% of the time from now on.

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