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Sydares wrote:
TerriBlades wrote:

Wow... how original you must feel to try and play the whole casual v/s raider card here. I dont try and act like Im a voice for the entire ranger community. I do however have a big issue with the whine that pours from these, and several other forums everytime theres a change that affects the class. Some are worthy of the whine, others not so much. I feel that this particular topic falls under the "not so much" catagory. The problems that you claim need to be addressed are the same ones that were addressed this expansion that several of us RAIDING rangers brought to light last expansion. Yes we [I cannot control my vocabulary] and we moaned about the lack of bows in KoS. Low and behold, theres quite a few more bows to be had.

Flaws? No, your percepton of the way quest rewards are done might seem flawed, but if you actually too the time to read this whole long winded thing Im gonna call a post, you would see they all follow the basic tank, scout, healer, mage itemization. You are in fact a scout. If you decide that melee isnt the best option for you, thats your choice. However, that doesnt mean that weapon is totally useless in your hands. You just dont gain a HUGE benifit, which I think is what alot of players here [I cannot control my vocabulary] about this are looking for. Its a generic quest reward designed to give all scouts a weapon. Yeah, it could be a bow, but then it would be largely under-utilized by the rest of the scouts. So it would basicly be geared for just us, unless that scout had a better melee weapon already.. Then maybe I could see them opting for the bow.

This is, without a doubt, the poorest excuse for a retort that you could have come up with. As a ranger, I'd expect you to know that melee viability and rangers don't mix. We've got awful mitigation, and awful melee combat arts. Even specced fully into melee AAs, (which I have tried, just for kicks) the end result is nothing short of pathetic. Essentially, you're saying that a class whose only role is damage - when offered the choice between pushing 2000 or pushing 900, I have an option to choose melee is wrong-headed. I'd be laughed off of the server, and rightfully so. And there's a slight flaw in your argument. they all follow the basic tank, scout, healer, mage itemization. This might hold water, if there weren't items specifically tailored for brawlers and brawlers alone in there as well. I'm not asking for preferential treatment, I'm asking for equal treatment. That's what this is mostly about, not about whether or not they shave off our melee procs entirely - it's what they're intending to do for us to make up for another (if slight) nerf, and the complete trivialization of absurdly long questlines.

There isnt a slight flaw in my arguement. Fact is, you are a scout.. there are already 2 weapons for scouts in both claymore, as well as SoD. How many more will it take to statisfy you? Yeah I know, just one. A bow. blah blah blah. It didnt happen. More then likely its not going to ever change. Too many ppl have already completed claymore to change it. Im sure there are plenty that are done, or near done with SoD.

You know who else has crappy mit? Assassins. Sure they have some pretty heafty melee CAs, but guess what, most of those are all flanking attacks. We have the the ablilty to down a mob before it gets to us, assassins... hmmm not so much. Come to think about it. Bards have some pretty poor melee skills, maybe we could throw in a few new items for them too. Like some sort of musical instrument with alot of Int on it.

So they've tailor an item for brawlers, still not a single class. You can say that they did that with predators as well with the DW version of claymore and SoD. You can say they did that with the 1H version for Rogues. Now wheres that leave us? Right back where we were.

Fact of the matter is, Bows are more plentiful now, then they have ever been before. So I dont buy the arguement that we need more bows in our epic quest lines. Rather what you SHOULD be trying to change would be the usefulness of the available bows. You'd be far more likely to catch the ear of a Dev by asking for a few tweaks to some of the mid-range bows then to ask them to go back and add in new quest line rewards just for the sole purpose of making a few rangers that havent finished the quests happy.

Personally, I firmly believe that the Torn Ligament Bow should be better then Raincaller. If it isnt, someone should start /petitioning that to get is adjusted. Its already got a better DR, and more levels. The only reason I could see RC being slightly better is the fabled tag it carries. However, tweaking the spread on TLB would be an easier solution then to gripe that you feel left out on the epic quest lines, when in fact you werent. Its just less of a reward for rangers then it is for melee driven classes because of the fact that we do very little melee damage. However, having said that, we DO still deal some melee damage, so is it a total waste? No, I dont believe it is, unless you have something better already, and in great deal of instances with melee classes, this is already the case. Why should they bother doing SoD? Seriously, guilds that have been killing Mayong for awhile have no real reason to do SoD. Why should they? They already have better gear.... they do it anyways.

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