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AdiX__Styxx__ wrote:

Never ever use raincaller or any other item especially if ya got a chanter in raid!

Here is why the raincaller procs a stun and this make the epic iummune for 15 secs we all know this but why is it so important to not use it then a stun means less damage doenst it ? yea while this is true a timed stun which a good coercer will cast when needed (when tank is at 3% or so ) will help the raid a lot more then a random stun cause a timed stun gives yer healers time to catchup on healing eventho it only lasts for like 6 secs thats at least 3 healing spells from a defiler 4 or 5 from a warden 3 or 4 from a mystic etc etc.....

Understand the point im trying to make? raincaller is for solo // group use only not for raiding at all! heck i dont even use it for solo // group unless i have a really really weak tank but thats another story!

 Just be kind to yer chanters and other stunners stiflers etc.....

Ne4ver, ever ever huh?! I agree with Gaeron. Most of the fights done need enchanters. Trash is just urned through and the stun does not hurt a thing. On the fights where you need to mez jsut switch to Grizz. RC is the best bow out there that is easy to get (same as Torn.) If you are using Grizz you are killing your DPS in raids. It is not good to speak in absolutes. There are always situational exceptionsSMILEY
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