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KongstadPS wrote:
Is it  me or do anyone of you guys feel a bit invincible with the new patch?
Im a level 45 Warden with 27 Achievement points.
I got Duststorm, Natures walk ( immune to root and most knockback effects ) and a 50% boost to all healing with miracles/blessings.
Including masterII group heal and adeptIII heals.
I feel like nuttin can kill me at all.
I havent died in PvP for quite some days now and got a killstreak of 34 ish and it just keeps growing. Been touring around with a full group exping for a few days with another equal level warden in the group and every single pvp battle ive been in has been against yellow to red cons, mostly red.
Most people trying to gank me when solo cannot catch me cause I can outrun em with 55%  runspeed. SOW = 45% + Jboots 10%.

We did have to run from a level 58+ group at a time though cause after we had killed em 5 times ( they kept following us as we tried to change location to avoid confrontation again ). Eventually they were lucky to pick a fight with us near one of their desert respawns so after we had killed them all seperately a couple of times they spawn charged and eventually killed the tank as we ran out of mana.
Anyway its a decent change to the warden class, I thought we were well hard to kill before, now were even harder and stronger. I know when I see another warden in pvp i generally avoid him/her because that fight would take three days and with the druid rings in 4 different places SMILEY

I am not sure this post is completely accurate with regards to our mitigation - and indeed it's stuff like this that gets what good stuff we might have - nerfed.    I don't think we are a whole lot tougher than we ever were - but a lot depends on choices you make with AAs.

"Invincible"?  no.   Able to take a nice beating?  yes, but we always have had that.   I am glad we were not tweaked in that regard, like..say...brawers were.

Also consider that you are PvPing with 2 healers - when you are deciding how tough we are.  

Just my 2.

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