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Valuable time? The promised class balance changes of EXP 14 were "scrapped months ago". I wonder what the combat mechanics dev(s) were doing for the last several months aside from boosting the ascension cap to 15 to pave the way for more p2w options. Weren't they going to abandon major expansion features in favor of balancing classes? Introducing lvl 101 - 110 spells with bigger numbers doesn't constitute a rebalance since the percentage increase is equal for all classes = conjurors on top for another year. Anyways, rant over.

I'm sure that the other ascension classes need some attention too, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't provide feedback for the underwhelming etherealist options. I've spent almost no time on the other classes due to the paywall, so someone else will have to step up to the challenge of providing meaningful feedback.
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