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I know these spells are already live, but they need to be re-evaluated too.

Etherealist lvl 4 spell: Ethereal Conduit

The amount of potency gained by using this spell is minuscule compared to the enormous potency pool of the caster. Personally, I have reached 56k static potency, therefore the effect of using this spell is minimal. Its usefulness will continue to deteriorate as more potency is acquired throughout the next expansion pack.

Suggestions: Change the 42% potency per stack to 5% base potency per stack (grandmaster rank), reduce the cast time to 1.5s (at max casting speed).

Etherealist lvl 7 spell: Siphoned Fervor

Though not quite to the same extent as ethereal conduit, this spell has succumbed to statistical inflation in KA. However, that's not the most important issue -- the limit of one 0.2 fervor stack per second (grandmaster rank) limits its usefulness to the point that nobody uses it. 25 seconds is too long of a ramp up time to reach the maximum effect, especially considering the limited duration of 39.6 seconds at grandmaster.

Suggestions: Remove the proc rate limiter, change it from 0.2 fervor per stack to 1% of the caster's base fervor per stack for a maximum of 25 stacks, allow it to bypass the fervor cap OR make it grant 100 fervor overcap. Reduce the cast time to 2 seconds (at max casting speed)
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