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Etherealist lvl 15 spell: Ethereal Gift

This is a very disappointing reward for reaching level 15 in the ascension class. Most (if not all) players will not be altruistic enough to spend 3.4 seconds casting a group buff that reduces their own fervor by half. I certainly won't be using it in its current state.

Suggestions: Remove the 50% fervor penalty for the caster and reduce the casting time from 3.4 to 2 seconds (no ascension buff (e.g. siphoned fervor / ethereal conduit) should exceed a 2s cast time given their limited effectiveness compared to the nukes, honestly). Also, make it increase the caster's own fervor by the same percentage as the rest of the group.

Etherealist lvl 13 spell: Recapture

Please make this ability usable on the caster!

Aside from these issues, I am rather pleased with the state of the new etherealist abilities.
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