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We made reservation in PH. I poked around alot but SOE convention rate was best. Also if you make reservation other places I was told $20 extra resort fee will be added.  I couldn't get any additional discount with AAA or total rewards.Will keep poking around for prices, since its still early.

Hope we are going to have pool party again. It'll be nice and hot!? not burrr freezing like last year.

Please make it clear what ruffles are for this time. We thought it was usual ruffle tickets used in last party. (yes we are repeaters) By the time we found out its for wheel, line was a mile long=P. We spent over an hour standing in line and most of prizes were gone too. If we knew it we'd done it much earlier. I've seen no one was there at some point. I should've asked what it was for. but...

Hope it'll change because new hotel, Balley's banquete hall was FREEZING cold from AC at all occasions.

I missed funny movies you guys make from EQ or EQ2 SMILEY

peace out

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