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Rockheart, no you should be fine. It doesn't sell out like that. The one thing that will is if they offer any other additional options like the Dev brunch and the Planetside Laser tag they did last year. The dev brunch went really well last year, so I expect that to sell out fast, but in terms of days most likely and not minutes.The Planetside 2 laser tag will probably go pretty quick again this year too. Of course thats If they do both those options again this year, there may be entirely new paid additional options instead or more. If not wanting to do any additional options , you should have like 2 months to get the tickets if like usual; though If like last few years pay attention to when early bird registration ends that usually only lasts a few weeks to a month. The nice advantage to the early bird tickets is they are cheaper and you will get the badges in the mail,letting you bypass having to pick up the badge onsite.

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