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Looking forward to attending SOE Live this year! A few of my guildies and I attended in 2011 at Bally's. In regard to the issue about smoking and attendees having to walk through clouds of cigarette smoke, I have a suggestion... being a smoker myself it was a pain to have to walk all the way back to the casino to have a puff. When I first arrived I noticed many ashtrays around the 'convention area'. When I headed to a more secluded area within the SOE hallway I was told by hotel staff that SOE had instructed them that there was to be no smoking there. So, off we went to the casino. Everytime I went, there were 10-15 other attendees standing right in the pathway to the convention. Smokers generally don't try to be ignorant, and we are all fully aware of the health risks for everyone, but if you make us walk a mile for a puff we will stop as soon as we get to the 'smoking permitted' area. If SOE has any say in the matter, could you PLEASE make a smoking area for your attendees that is away from everyone else, but not at the entrance to the event... have us walk to the far end of the event area...even better out a door to the outside but not miles away from the action and NOT at the entrance to the festivities.

See you in August! SMILEY

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