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Hello all, hopefully some SOE peeps are looking at this, but i have some ideas, that might make the keynotes and panels intresting...

Suggestions for Grand Finale, after announcing EQII Winners of the Many things they may win, if they won, you guys should patch in some EQII tracks from the game directory, the one i was thinking in particular was:

  • If you won: C:UsersPublicSony Online EntertainmentInstalled GamesEverQuest IImusiccombatRaidHappyEnd.mp3 

Then after the music, they would walk off stage! 

Music Selection for the Waiting:

Please pick something less... calm and sleep... it makes me wanna nap!

Kid's Day Suggestions:

  • Maybe have some legos in with the Kids Zone.
  • (*Ahem*)

Game Vendors:

Recently i got into table top gaming along with ALOT of different games, and Card games like MTG (Magic the Gathering) and i would like to purchase some games there to play when there isn't a panel i want to attend to, this would fun.

Addition to Game Vendors.. : 

Make a little space to play the Tabletop games/Card games, maybe a little corner?  Not really needed, but it would be nice, or how about a waiting area for people who have no Events currently?

Livestreams on Twitch:

Please Test Audio and Video BEFORE going officially live... It wasn't very good last year on twitch. BUT it did improve, i am talking at the Beginning.


these are all the Suggestions i have for now, Check back later to see the later updated ones

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