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Trazick wrote:

Does anyone know what the price of SOELive generally is?  When will this information, along with the schedule, be released?  It will be my first time, and will be bringing my wife, too.

It was $139 last year, but prices differ each year. By far the most expensive part is hotel and airfare.

Trazick wrote:

Also, are small children welcome at SOELive?

There was a kidzone last year.

Trazick wrote:

I am not currently playing any game, but I was addicted to Everquest back in the day and am excited about EQNext.  Will this event be at all stimulating for me, considering that I'm not playing anything at the moment?

The vast majority of the panels are about existing games. We have no idea what percent of the event will be dedicated to EQNext. You might be a bit bored, or you might strike up some great conversations and reminisce about EQ. SMILEY

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