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I go to Vegas quite a bit. Here are some personal recommendations -- please be aware, these are just notes from my own experiences with Vegas and previous Fan Faires/SOE Live 2012.

-- Yes, Bellagio is across the street, but crossing the street in Vegas can be troublesome and problematic. You'd be better off, in my opinion, staying two or three hotels away on the same side of the strip as opposed to staying somewhere "directly across" from the venue. 

-- If you know you want to come to SOE Live, sign up for e-mails from various Las Vegas hotel chains now. I get multiple e-mails a day; never from the same hotel, of course, but's a hefty amount of messages. A lot. However, you can sometimes get amazing deals and specials (my brother got $13 rooms at Flamingo last week). 

-- Planet Hollywood does not have a monorail stop. On that side of the strip, if you pick up the monorial at MGM Grand (which you would if you were staying there, Tropicana, NY/NY, Excalibur, or anything south of there), and take it to the next station, which is the Bally's/Paris station. Or walk, of course. 

-- Staying at the hotel where the event is, if you're able, provides a type of convenience unlike any other. I'm speaking as a player-attendee here (and, well, as event staff). It's really, really, really nice to only be an elevator ride away from taking a nap. 

-- Of course, my main recommendation would be to find a hotel that offer amenities you want in a price bracket you can afford. 

Just my $0.02. 

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