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I sayed off site the first year I went to fan faire, and I will NEVER do it again. First, you will likly be in the Convention Center the entire time it is going on, therefor having a car those 2-3 days isn't worth it and you can get a round trip shuttle to the airport(including the Car Rental area) for like $12 that is a large savings right there. Second, like the above poster said the convenance factor is very big, Fan Faire runs late into the night and depending on your group it tends to have "after events" that run even latter, then getting up at 10am for some of the morning events makes having a bed close very benifisial. Third, you can't drive drunk and there is always an Open Bar Night, if you want to enjoy that you must at the very least stay at a hotel on the monorail or with-in walking distance.

BTW, I usually stay over a couple extra days and just use my return trip with the airport shuttle to go pick up my car, they day or two after, you could also do the reverse and turn your car in the on thursday and take the shuttle to the hotel and back for your flight.

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