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Danicia wrote:

Our Events Team has been hard at work on SOE 2013 already. We can't give any details until the contracts are signed. Once they've been signed and have the Legal stamp of approve, we can announce dates and location. It is VERY exciting and we hope you'll all be able to join us!

Ok... I am really trying to get move Vanguard people to attend.. but we need to plan!!!!If this event is anytime before Oct 1, 2013 you should already have dates locked in and let us know.. we dont need to have and agenda... we just need dates so we can buy flights and book hotels and we need to get time off of work!

Lock on the people who need to make decisions and sign things in a room.. No food or water until the get things settled!!  If you want this event to be bigger than last year - you have to meet us half way.. give us the dates....

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