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Oakbane wrote:

I should also note, one of the reasons i thought this would make it through submission is there are plenty of dismembered heads throughout EQ2 in various dungeons and zones. Things such as heads on pikes, and other body parts and gore.

Seems kind of silly to have them as part of the environment but not in the form of something like a shield. But regardless, i respect your decision, just wanted to point it out that dismembered heads are already apart of the game in one form or another.

Can you point me to an environment/dungeon with a fresh severed human head like your shield? I don't recall any as that would be against what we've been told would be acceptable since I've been on the team, but given the depth of content, could be overlooking something somewhere.

However, if you're generalizing dismembered heads as Skulls, Animals, Creatures, etc, then yes - those do exist and in the eyes of those that make the rules, those are, oddly enough, more acceptable. It's humanoids and fresh beheadings/etc that are a no-no, hence the decline. A skull on a pike (or even an entire skeleton, etc) are a-ok as they could have died however long ago and then be propped up as a totem or warning. It's wise for us all to just be safe and avoid overtly gory humanoid stuff.

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