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This "feature" allows a player to /summon_chest exactly ONE time and from less than 20 meters.  It is only usefull in getting a chest which is out of reach, such as in a wall/floor or in midair.  The command can be macroed, but due to the max number of summons allowed being one that would be a waste of a hot bar.  This seemingly was done to "fix" a problem which in all honestly happens less often than casual guilds killing HM Statue.

IMO, this is a "feature" which had so much potential and would have been enjoyed by so many people (raiders and casuals alike), but due to the dev's heavy handled restrictions is little more than a waste.  The best this will accomplish, under the rules of less than 20 meters and max summons per chest of one, is it will save a dozen GM calls a month at most.  When it could have been a "feature" that 90% of the population would have placed on thier hotbars.  It is disapointing. 

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