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Lol at you asking for improvements to the etherealists less than useful pre-existing arsenal vynie. I don't mean to demean your efforts here but I'm going to throw in that until Geo, Thaum, and Elementalists are brought in line with Etherealists I sure hope a dev doesn't waste his valuable time on these suggestions. Did you know that even at a piddly 2 or so fervor for my group, as an elementalist I would LOVE for my siphon fervor ascension spell to actually do what yours does? Unfortunately its tied to a piece of jewelry no one will wear in PoP and most T4 raiders also haven't worn said piece for months in KA. Talk about minimal usefulness, have a look at Bulwark of rime without jewelry piece bonus. 16% or so less elemental damage for something like 20 seconds. /party. I'd take ethereal conduit in a heartbeat over that. Bulwark hasn't been cast in probably 6 months....

Again not trying to demean the effort but considering how little the devs can reasonably get done I just had to pipe up and say these two perfectly functional spells while not the wowers of the etherealist class are perfectly functional and fine as is unless all ascensions are going to get a top to bottom overhaul and brought in line with the etherealist potential.
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