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Named: Murmaz the Believer (96^^) - This mob should be ^, not ^^, in an advanced solo zone. His Roiling Seas were hitting for 16k-17k damage on a solo-geared toon; I ended up kiting him but not everyone will have that option and you need him for the sig quest.

Maybe put a barrier up to prevent people from wandering into the mines before killing Murmaz? I wasted a lot of time and almost gave up because that path seemed like the natural one to take first.

I could do nothing with the unrefined crystal. I tried to polish it in the Crystal Refinery--no dice. Tried to place it in the container in the Resonance Chamber and again, it wouldn't. I couldn't open what I assume is a door. I'm just grateful that the sig quest update was before that point.

The zone-in for two players needs fixed, but I mentioned that in another thread.

Might want to consider slightly reducing the health for the adds on the Overseer's fight. I swear they had almost as much health as him and I finally gave up on them and just focused on the Overseer instead.

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