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The difficulty of most NPCs seems fine. The EXP gain is absolutely horrible. Evac took me underneath the floor in the entrance room where I fell into oblivion. Pyre seems to be able to autoattack from an EXTREME distance - needs to be reduced to normal range. Pyre & Frost both have way too much HP, roughly 5.5 million - this is way too much for a solo mob. I killed Frost without too much difficulty, but Pyre was much too hard. It was extremely difficult to make the Eternal Sentinel crush the other NPCs. I tried rooting him, moving back to align, then canceling root at the right time to control his path. Often he'd walk right over the other NPCs and not crush them, and he resists root a lot. Not sure how I could even attempt this fight on my characters without the ability to root. The knockbacks on this fight are insane. Eternal Sentinel fight took too long and was too difficult to comply with the script. Codexicon NPCs knocked me forward. Seriously? Too annoying. Being moved by knockback, toss up, etc is a VERY overused mechanic. You should restrict yourselves to using this mechanic only ONE TIME per expansion pack instead of putting it all over the place. Here is an idea: New spell or focus effect for Boot-slot items: Leadfoot - makes user immune to being moved involuntarily by knockbacks. I forgot the name of the final boss in here, but it was nearly impossible to do. I finally killed it on my 11th pull. It shouldn't take that many tries. He was immune to root and stun. How am I supposed to survive a long fight like this if I can't root this guy? His damage needs to be cut in half or reduced even further. He knocked me down a lot, making the script very hard to do. having to click the pillars, align him, try to pull him into position, all while taking hits from him just makes this fight too much for a solo player. The difficulty of the bosses in this zone need to be adjusted, and the EXP needs to be vastly increased. Otherwise the zone is acceptable.

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