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The zone items such as the corrosive solvent, pickaxe, etc. shouldn't be no-zone. If you go linkdead or crash, you could lose progress in the zone because of this problem. Overall the difficulty felt appropriate, but the EXP is abysmal. The yha-lei stuns, de-taunts and knockdowns are very annoying. Their Sea Spine attack did too much damage to my non-raid geared toons. Aggro range was a whopping 25 meters. It should be reduced to 10 or 15. The linked encounters interrupt spellcasting far too much. The taskmaster named chain-casted Freezing Tide on me, a long duration stun. I stood there, stunned, unable to do anything for over 2 minutes straight before I finally managed to break free - I think one of their stuns resisted. The stun needs to be toned down - they should not be able to lock me down indefinitely with that stun. Also the taskmasters seem to complete heal each other. Seriously? Are we going to have ANOTHER one of these kinds of fights? This fight is profoundly stupid. The fight with the Spirit of the Deep is too difficult. At least 3 times during the fight, he went 100% invulnerable, summoned 3 hard-hitting adds, then he ran off and full-healed himself with no apparent way to stop him from doing so. My non-healing toons will not make it through this fight. On Beta I have 160% veteran bonus EXP which I understand will be gone on live until we grind to 95. I also have 200% vitality bonus. I cleared this zone as level 92 and I walked out with 107075 EXP. That is 6% exp for 45 minutes worth of work. This is not worth the time. If my math is correct, the base EXP was 23277 and the remainder being bonus. This means on Live, I'll only have the vitality bonus, and clearing this zone will give approximately 69830 exp - about 4% of level 92. The zone needs some minor fine tuning and vastly more EXP for it to be worthwhile.

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