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We are opening our guild tavern for role players in New Halas and if there is enough interest will build on it, and upgrade the decs

Location:  New Halas

House name:  Dreaver

Tavern name:  "Drunken Reavers"

ALL players who want to role play are welcome.  If you are experienced then help us spread the word that RP is fun   For anyone new to role play, let us help you get started - just /t any Storm Reaver member and say you're new to RP and they'll give you some starter tips so you can join in the fun.

If enough RPers use the tavern then we will start devising some RP events, storylines and plots for all to join in as and when they want.

The tavern will be staffed one night a week usually on a Saturday.

So come on folks, let's get Splitpaw RPing!


Storm Reavers
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