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1. As it has been said repeatedly in forum, swashy's single target dps is terrible. It is not changed until today. Because swashy is AE oriented class so it is not necessary that its single target DPS is uber. But it does not mean same level with fighters or support classes is enough.
My suggestion is to introduce new mechanic like negative void + void retribution of warlock. Swashy needs boost to work better as dps class in single target fight. New xpac is good opportunity to take a balance.

2. Please add fervor overcap component to marauder's vaunt. There seems to be more fervor-capped chance in CD than PoP.

3. Please a bit empower AA granted abilities. Though it is not unique to swashy, due to the improvement of profession ability in PoP, AA abilities are relatively outdated.For example, Dance of metal, Enfeebling Whirl, Dragonwrath, etc..
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