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I crafted everything (handcrafted, mastercrafted, refined) once and put them on the broker.

Feedback is mostly the same as for tailors.
As before, spreadsheet was added to my xls file uploaded here :
I also added the weapons from quested recipes in yet another tab.

Selling price:
handcrafted is using 20 celestial coal, that's a 48g 61s 20c cost (component break down 10/2/2/2 +20 fuel)
Hall the handcrafted items are sold 58g 33s 40c! Nothing is weird! *does the happy dance*
Mastercrafted is using 50 celestial coal, that's a 1p 21g 53s cost (component break down 2/10/10/10 +50 fuel) and it sells for 1p 45g 83s 50c.
Regular mastercrafted Academic's Plate Gauntlets of Endurance/Rage, Plate Helm of Force are selling for 1c instead of 1p 45g 83s 50c
Refined Academic's Plate Bracers/Greaves of Endurance and Plate Pauldrons of Force are selling for 1c instead of 1p 45g 83s 50c

DPS doesn't change on the Academic's Chain/Plate Greaves of Rage compared to the Student's Chain/Plate Greaves of Rage (it's in all 4 cases 280.4 DPS). It's the only stat that doesn't change between handcrafted and mastercrafted.
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