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Greetings Beta Testing Norrathians!

So we are off to a pretty good start here in the Planes of Prophecy Beta! Overland testing and quest testing has gone fantastically. Thank you very much to everyone who helped us out with this. The team wanted to make a post and give everyone some open and clear communication on what we are doing with beta and beyond!

First off, the rest of the beta will look something like this:

·The first week we tested Overland and Overland Quests!
·Week Two – Signature Line focus and testing with Heroics, Solos, Duos.
·Week Three – Heroic focus and testing. Raids and PQs will become available, with some raid content opening up to all!
·Week Four – Lots of bells and whistles being added. Look for more and more cool stuff!
·Week Five – Things will start to become polished and we’ll be focusing on squashing any gating or frustrating issues if they still exist.
·Week Six – This is the week before launch. We should have very few issues at this point and will be getting ready for launch! Still plenty of time to earn those beta rewards.

Things you will see being added and adjusted and/or tweaked/changed as we go according to feedback and necessity.

·Factions for Overland Quest Lines.
·Itemization – Always, and of course feedback changes.
·Spell and class changes – Balance is the focus this year, expect to see tweaks.
·Some Tradeskill content. Most of the TS content will be released after the Launch of Pop.
·Merchants and Service NPCs being distributed for menders/banks/etc.
·Dungeon missions and overland timed quests.

This and That.

Starting the expansion out, we want people to feel they are ready to take on the challenges ahead. Tishan’s Lockbox and the gear in it will remain in Plane of Magic at launch. This will make it easy for returning players, alts and even new players to have the gear they need to be successful in the Overland and ensure they can do the quest lines. Everything from the quests should be an upgrade to anything you get from the lockbox. Drops in the overland should be upgrades to the quest items and so on. Collection items should be upgrades to solo quest gear as well.

I know some of you have shown concern about repeatable quests and factions. We have metered these repeatable quests out, so that if you take advantage of what is there, there is a very limited number of times you should have to do them. We are also taking steps to preserve factions in the overland once they have been earned by setting a minimum amount that can be lost. This way, if you made it through a quest line, you will never be lower than, say, Kindly. And if you want to, you should be able to come back and earn the faction back to max. Max Ally with the three Plane of Magic factions, House Vahla, House Yrzu and Pride Pakiat, cannot be maintained simultaneously. Whatever faction you choose to ally with will result in the loss of faction with the other two.

We have done a 180 with Planes of Prophecy on the alt friendliness. There are no pre-reqs for getting in and getting all the content, except being level 100. No languages, no quest pre-reqs from previous expansions. We are also looking at ways to make it so once you do certain content, your alts will have access to it. Everyone is still going to need to do some content to level up, though. Solo and non-Event Heroic Tier 1 Heroic zones will require you to be 105 to start having access to them, while Duo, Event Heroic, and Tier 2 Heroic zones will require level 110 to enter. We have changed the focus on leveling; in order to keep the XP flowing, quests and dungeons are where it is at. Large amounts of XP will be awarded through quests and completing dungeons within the Planes of Prophecy expansion. This will be the best and fastest way to level up.

Spells and class changes are still coming, and there will indeed be some tweaks here and there. We are currently looking at utility and finding some ways to make these classes more useful and desirable. As stated previously, we looked at doing some spell consolidation, and once we started it, it immediately become evident to us it was a bad idea and that consolidating would fundamentally change the way EQII is played. That said, class balance will remain our focus even after the expansion launch this year.

I think I covered most questions I have been seeing, and hope that we have helped alleviate many of your concerns! See you on the beta server!

And for completion’s sake, here is our list of what is going into Planes of Prophecy!

-New Heroic Dungeons
-New Heroic Event Dungeons
-New Solo Dungeons
-New Duo Dungeons
-New Large Overland
-New Raid Dungeons: Using key flagging to unlock
-Alt-Friendly Keyring system: Unlock a new heroic zone or raid zone on your main? Your alt has it now too!
-New Hub zone “Coliseum of Valor” for accessing Dungeons/Raids/Public Quests
-Lots of new quests and factions
-New Timed Key Quests
-New Collection Quests
-New Expert collection quests for overland, solo and heroics.
-New Signature questline: Continuation of the story from the last few expansions and beyond!
-New weapon type: Crossbows ranged weapon usable by all
-New “Soulbound” Weapons : These weapons can level up to become even more powerful!
-Two handed Crossbows for those who desire them.
-Adventure Level Cap Raised to 110
-All 4 Ascension Classes Level Cap Increased to 15
-Tradeskill Level Cap raised to 110
-New Adornments for Crafters to Make
-New Tinkering Recipes
-Guild Level Cap increased
-Mercenary Level Cap increased
-More gear slots for your Mercenary
-Multiple New Public Quests
-Lots of New Achievements
-Lots of New Items to chase
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