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I actually did each of the 3 factions to 50k. 1 at a time using the faction robot after reaching each 50K. Did Pk 1st followed by Yrzu and last was Vahla. I was able to zone into Yrzu ( who at +50k with Vahla ) who i had -50k faction with tradeskill area and pick up the recipe. I then zoned into Vahla tradeskill area and didn't see the recipe until I scribed the one I had picked up in Yrzu. To be fair its not that hard nor does it take all that long to do each to 50k at all. The quests are easy and rather fast. I can say this even though I slogged through a lot of it with no walkthrough on wiki to follow. The beta has been out a week and I have done all 3 so it is not hard at all.
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