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After you have been to a few (I have been to 6) you notice that most of the people who attend Fan Faire are the same at every one. There are a few new faces, but by in large it's the same main core group. Back a few years ago they ran a IN GAME poll to help determine the location of the next fan faire...It did raise awareness of the event and lots of people showed up...I think it was the Spring 2003 Fan Faire and it was in Las Vegas. There were somewhere between 3000 and 4000 paid admissions and probably another 500-1000 people who just showed up for the fun of hanging out together... It was probably the best gamer event I have ever attended... If an in game poll will generate that kind of enthusiasm about this event, they could hold it in Alaska and I would attend...The crowd is what makes the event worth attending....But to have a good crowd, word has to be spread AND the location choiced have to be places that interest people, where there are fun things to do CLOSE BY, AND it has to be AFFORDABLE....
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