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Bunda wrote:
The first poll was being manipulated too. If you watched the numbers, they would shoot up 60-80 votes in a matter if a few minutes. Thats when Ashlanne was posting that there was no conspiracy...Which actually there appeared to be, not on her part, but on someone elses... There needs to be an IN GAME poll like there was years ago, that way only one vote per account and the account has to be active... And I agree, we should go back to 2 FFs a year...One East coast and one west coast....
I think an in-game poll would definitely be a much better idea as far as fairness goes, and another upside of using the in-game poll would be that it would make more people aware of it.  If the only announcement is basically on the boards, many are missing out.  I know personally I told a lot of people about it last year who weren't even aware that there was one going on.  If you want more people to come, it needs to be announced in a place that everyone sees, like as you are logging in.
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