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the comment was more to the idea of being a little patient and allowing guards to path. I've run all over freeport/neriak as a paladin. and I have yet to have an issues getting to a home. because I can actually wait for the guards to path by me/stay out of thier sight.

if your going to bypass the broker fee by visiting the home, that doesn't mean they should rearrange it so that you can run over and leave. it might take you longer to reach the house because you have to wait 2 minutes for pathing guards.. or you might have to use the sewers to get to where you need to go.

for example I just did the run from the SQ sewer enterance to the Lion's mane inn. avoided the guards...took me 1 minute 45 seconds.

getting the the prestige housing might be a bit more difficlt, but still doable. just reuqires a little patience. if you want to get it and get it it direct from the broker and eat the fee.

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