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[email protected] Bayle wrote:
I'm having similar experiences over the voicepak files.  The launchpad scans and insists all manner or files are not there.  It patches and cancels itself.  Although I installed the game from the DVD set.  I can open up my game folder and find the files already. So I'm not certain why the launchpad assumes these items are not there? At any rate, done as much as I can tonight. SMILEY  I will see what is discovered after work tomorrow...

The game is updated regularly, the files on the cd are out of date and need to be borught current.

What would help in this is some information about the OS, machine, etc to try and diagnose the issues. did not see any machine specific information in any of the posts on this thread, this is critical.

For instance,

1. If you are running Vista, are you running the application as administrator - IE right click icon, run as administrator, or right click icon, select properties, the compatiblity, set to xp-sp2, click run as administrator

2. If you are trying to patch from the european servers, try switching to the US region on the EULA screen, patch then after it is done, close the client, restart and select the proper region

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