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There are at least 3 zones to harvest for each tier.. 4 or 5 in the lower tiers. If somebody moves in on an area I'm harvesting and begins node stealing, I'll let them know in a /tell that I'm happy to share the zone with them, but to please be polite when choosing nodes. This is only the case if they're the same faction of course. If they're opposite faction and within level range.. well duh.. nodes have nothing to do with it. Attack! SMILEYIf I move in on somebody else who's actively harvesting.. I'll move to a different zone and harvest there. I've been /reported several times simply because I was harvesting in the same area. While I know and he/she knows that I'm not doing anything wrong.. its just easier to avoid the hassle should there be a misunderstanding as a result of a trigger happy /reporter. SMILEY
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