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 Hey this guy has a right to complain! I have been playing EQ sense june of 99 and let me tell you there has been a billion nerfs. Let me be the first to say a EQ2 necro has been so dumbed down, that the class is a joke. As it is right now 1 good wack and I am dead, if they are going to make it even worse than what it is now, they can keep my $15 a month.

 I just bought a new account and made a Guardian he is level 26 now and can tank like no tommrow. I plan on duoing him with the necro. But I just read some of the combat changes and they say that you will no longer be able to block atks. I guess that means they are taking a huge swing of the nerf bat and wacking Guardians all to heck. IF so thats another $15 a month they are going to loose.

 I am a Power Gamer I like to play at least 2 accounts at once and often have more than 2 accounts for any given game. I was playing 4 accounts on EQ1, I have 2 WOW accounts and 2 EQ2 accounts and was planing on making a 3rd EQ2 account once the Guardian reaches 50. If they want to loose $45 a month, then go ahead and break, nerf, I mean fix classes.

 Trust me on this one, if they make too many people mad and they leave the game. The servers will be ghost towns, and when people can't find people to play with they will stop playing their self. Why do you think so many EQ1 and EQ2 players left for WOW. They are all sick of sonys crap. (AKA nerf bat)

P.S. Sony, great job on taking the nerf bat to split paw. I can not tell you how much I hated reciving coin every time I completed a quest. The first time I recived gold for completing a quest I was so mad I almost deleted my account. (GREAT JOB SONY THE WHOLE REASON I BOUGHT SPLIT PAW IS BECAUSE YOU RECIVED COIN FOR COMPLETING QUESTS. NOW ITS USELESS!)

(Flame on you know you want to)

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