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themysteriousne wrote:As to the general topic of your post: Have you actually experienced the combat changes? I am guessing no. Did you really think SOE would change the game completely? Did you really think they are going to [Removed for Content] off every single on of their subscribers?Larries wrote:Actually, based on past history of what SOE has done, then yes, they have a very high probably [Removed for Content] off a very large percentage of those who play the affected class/group of players.

I would argue that they have a high probability of [Removed for Content] off a large percentage of players who spend alot of time on the forums, which is a low percentage in general; and hence the majority of players won't care.I agree that they don't have a perfect record, but I am still confident that this change will be for the best, and that after it goes live a few people will kick up a stink, but most of them will secretly keep playing in the background and enjoy the changes. Those who are truely outraged by the changes will simply move onto another game, in turn the changes will bring others back.

themysteriousne wrote:Just wait until they come live, and if you don't like them... go play WoW or FFXI or one of the other games. EQ2 is just a game you know, if you are not enjoying yourself and you feel like your time is being invested instead of enjoyed, then perhaps it is time for you to move on to another game, or to perhaps re-evaluate wether you should be playing games like this.

Larries wrote:Just imagine this.  You are in an amateur league of, say, baseball, and playing against other amateur teams and having fun.  You are having fun and adjusting your strategy and tactics against your opposition.  Then, in the middle of the season, the organiser decided to change the format from baseball to.... football!!!  How will you think?

After all, both are amateur leagues, both are sports.  You shouldn't be so [Removed for Content], should you?

Darn right I would be annoyed, and if SOE turned EQ2 in to a First-Person-Shooter I would be as annoyed... but what SOE is doing is absolutely not on the scale of what you are suggesting. You will probably have to re-adjust your stratergies, ect, but they certainly aren't changing the format of the game.
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