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themysteriousne wrote:

As to the general topic of your post: Have you actually experienced the combat changes? I am guessing no. Did you really think SOE would change the game completely? Did you really think they are going to [Removed for Content] off every single on of their subscribers?

Actually, based on past history of what SOE has done, then yes, they have a very high probably [Removed for Content] off a very large percentage of those who play the affected class/group of players.

In EQII, a few months ago, there was heated discussion on whether quest items should be made nodrop (not attunable, but simply nodrop) so that crafters can sell their items.  At the same time, SOE conveniently ignored that most of the items flooding the market were not quest items but crafted items (a crafter who needs to do over 100 combines to do one level up can support over 50 non-crafter just in one level, hence the flooding).  Luckily, people posts actually convinced SOE to look at the effect of attuning before actually changing them to nodrop.  And SOE hasn't raised this issue again.  Without all these skeptic posts, do you think SOE will reconsider their design?  And more importantly, such suggestion should not come out in the first place because anybody who has vague knowledge on the crafting system, the levelling requirement and knowledge in the bazaar will know that making quest item nodrop will not solve anything.

Another classic example that SOE doesn't really know about its game is the monk nerf in EQ1.  It took SOE over 3 years to realise and admit that monks were over-nerfed (and only recently did they reverse part of the nerf).

Do we want to see the outcome before making suggestions?  Yes we do.  But will it be too late to raise our concerns after they put the changes to test?  In a place where there has been history where changes were put in for 8 hours before being migrated to production servers?

The combat revamp is about balance, not about change. It is about fixing, for the best, spells that have been broken for a long time. It is about making upgrades to spells, actual upgrades. Yes the classes have changed, but they have changed for the best. There will be bugs for a while to come, but over all it will be for the best. If you are a brawler you will be no less, and no more desirable then any of the other tanking classes. If you are a fury, you will be no less, and no more desirable then any of the other healing classes.

It is about change.  Change in order of DPS.  Change in methods of tanking.  Change in utility provided.  You have to be very very optimistic to say that the change will not affect your class' desirability.  Especially since SOE cannot get it right in the first place despite this being the original goal.  Especially since it takes SOE so many months of work without any concrete solution.  The longer it takes, the more likely the problem is more fundamental in nature, and the more likely that the changes are more drastic.

Your class, what ever you are, hasn't been nerfed. SOE is not dumb enough to make a class weaker... instead they have made the weaker classes stronger.

Just wait until they come live, and if you don't like them... go play WoW or FFXI or one of the other games. EQ2 is just a game you know, if you are not enjoying yourself and you feel like your time is being invested instead of enjoyed, then perhaps it is time for you to move on to another game, or to perhaps re-evaluate wether you should be playing games like this.

Just imagine this.  You are in an amateur league of, say, baseball, and playing against other amateur teams and having fun.  You are having fun and adjusting your strategy and tactics against your opposition.  Then, in the middle of the season, the organiser decided to change the format from baseball to.... football!!!  How will you think?

After all, both are amateur leagues, both are sports.  You shouldn't be so [Removed for Content], should you?

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