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This game really needs some balancing. It's a fact there is a huge issue right now, with tanks being so overpowered.


It is a fact, wether you are in a group, or  in a raiding guild raid. a lot of the dps comes from tanks. You cant do anything without

a tank and healer. Scouts are nice to have for little more dps... but not needed. Mages are greatly useless (unless for support tasks like buffing, feeding power, ...).
Things really need to be rebalanced in order to make every class as needed. the introduction of the scout main class makes it harder than in eq1... but seriously things are getting frustrating.
I dont spend my life crying about it or posting on forums... but really a change is needed. And yes nerfing can be part of it for many of us... not because SOE is evil, but because balancing is a complex and long time process.
Unlike WoW which is as casual gamer game, EQ2 is much more complex, deeper, ... It's here to last years and years, with probably 10+ expansions to come. Right now, a balance is much needed. Do your best SoE.
If you could improve customer relationship at the same time, and for example, answer people on forums... it would rock.
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