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No offense Moontayle but telling the OP to lighten up its just a game is way off base..... there are a bunch of people who have put a good amount of money ( i have spent total for this game about just over $1600.00 now that includes a whole new PC, collectors edition ,subscription fees, adventure packs ) and  have spent a good amount of time as well on their own character  development Now people like myself are  crossing our fingers hoping they dont "over balance"  it...... i know an adjustment was needed to be made with the class i chose but SoE has a track record with various games now of not "fixing " stuff but breaking stuff and takin forever to fix it to its previous operation...... So far the way they have handled this game is pretty mediocre ( i mean in all honesty i dont think EQ1 was meant to still be a more thriving game then eq2 but the latest research has shown that eq1 is back up to 500k+ active subscribers while eq2 cant even break 400k ) Now im about to spend more money on an expansion pack in a few weeks, in all due honesty it will be the only expansion pack i purchase for  this game if SoE doesnt start rethinking its strategy on who TRULY is their target market ( lets face it eq2 will NEVER be able to compete with the WoW market, they never intended to gun for the hardcores..... ) Many people like to say that the casual gamer is the lifeblood in this game... i would really like to see some research on that ( i mean as of July 05 ) in timeline because from what i have noticed these past several months is only the hardcores have survived in everquest 2 so far .... SoE what happen to makin this game revolutionary ? You have put in some new concepts so far like moving objects etc in instances ..... but really . I think your OVER utilization of instancing is what is making this game too artifitial... I dunno maybe it feels that way atm because their is a lack of physical zones oveall in the game ( expansions should solve that problem ) im hoping that is the case.... SOE you really need to find out WHAT IS YOUR TRUE MARKET BECAUSE I CAN TELL YOU THIS, COMPETING WITH WoW is gonna get you NO where because they created their own market..... NOW WHY DONT YOU CREATE YOURS   ......

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