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I understand change. I understand restructure, tweeking, and correction. BUT YOU DONT SELL A PRODUCT TO SOMEONE, ALLOW THEN THEM SPEND *** HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS *** OF HOURS INVESTING THEMSELVES INTO A ROLE. AND THEN CHANGE THE FLUKIN ROLE. Forgive me, I RAGE AT STUPIDITY. JUST LIKE EQ1. MONKS WERE TANKS. I ENVESTED MONTHS APON MONTHS OF HARD WORK. Then 2 years later sony DECIDES , WELL, We didnt mean for Monks to be that good of tanks, so they are now nerfed, You are a half [Removed for Content] DPS, and a lesser half [Removed for Content] TANK. Welcome to the world of garbage. you tank like SHIZIGIT. you DPS likea weakling. Were very glad you pay us, were sorry we allowed you to invest your life into a role.. we personally dont care, this is how we have decided to chance our mind.. Please dont speak about WORLD OF WARCRAFT, we have alreasy lost 40 percent of our players, and the rest of the players are still here because they havent tried it yet..  The cloud of illusions about how much worse it is shields the truth. - - - - I understand that things get out of wack.. and a class becomes somthing better than what it was intended to be.. but if you allow someone to PAY and PLAY.. this isnt something people just CLICK and WIN. WE WORK OUR RASS'ES OFF to get there. - - - - Good luck keeping the company afloat, sony has the records of lost players, I love the game.. i wish em the best of luck.. Just wake up , play a few games made by a few of the competitors.. and take a few notes..  - - I would agree with change. If it didnt come at the cost of LIFEs Work.
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