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Hello hello,

It's THAT time of the year again, so I'll open up once more the same subject as always.

In previous years, Testers (players flagged as Testers in this board) sometimes gained an ealy access into closed beta. For exemple, last year, most of us made it to the friend and family stage of beta and I think we did a good job at ironing out a big bunch of the bugs on Beastlords and Freeport quests.

Dedicated testers are usually used to play in buggy settings, know how to /bug, /feedback and /typo, post usefull guides or descriptions of bugs, try to replicate the bugs and put out macro warnings for major game crashing bugs and such.Random beta invites bring good testers to the pool too, but there is always a huge chunk of players who only come to beta to have a quick look, beta buff at max level with top gear and duel at SS docks.

What is the policy on testers this year? Will they get flagged as beta testers once the NDA is signed or will they have to pass through the random chosing and make it or not depending only on shear luck?

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