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BChizzle wrote:

Let me get this straight.  You cry how immunity to strikethrough removal has ruined brawler tanking because we now avoid less, but then you admit it is better to avoid less as you take lesser damage from getting hit.  Then you are complaining that plates get more avoidance yet you ignore the fact that you just pointed out it is better not to avoid anyways.

Obano the reason why brawlers with knowledge weren't crying the way you were about these changes is because we grasp the basic simple knowledge you just can't seem to get your mind around.  They weren't that bad of changes.

I will admit that as itemization increases on shields it gives plates a distinctive advantage when it comes to base block which is absolutely unfair and unbalancing.  In fact I pointed it out weeks before you and basically you are just repeating my observations on it.  However, the sky isn't falling yet and since block caps at 70% anyways it really will never be a major issue, just a minor one.

You are forgetting how mitigation figures into the survivability equation. If a brawler gets hit too many times they simply die from melee damage because of lack of mitigation. On certain bosses like Goreslaughter the avoid damage hits so hard it kills me. So it is either die to direct melee hits or die to avoid damage. It is not me trying to argue both ways that avoidance is good and bad. It is the way the mechanics work to put me in a lose lose situation.

Plate tanks can fall back on their mitigation while brawlers cannot. The reason other brawlers are not complaining yet is because they did most of their progression when brawlers were still very strong. It really sucks to be a brawler right now if you are still trying to break into hard content. I am very confident when the next round of new content comes out everyone will be using plate tanks and not the weakened state of brawlers.

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