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Well, so long as shields and protections concerned, it seems that i have to prepare the white flag.

I made lvl2 zerker and watched if he can block vs. lvl85(x4) guardians in Neriak.

He still blocked about 20% of incoming melee attacks.

I have no idea why SOE made physical mitigation contested with Opponents level, but Shields and Protections contested with user's own level,not enemy's level.

Same opponents, same equipments, you hit next level then it decreases your uncontested block chance.

Anyway it seems that.


Also, because combats vs. red nameds are extraordinary,

I used my monk and guardian to see how much they can block vs. Ernax Heridion(lvl96x4).

But i couldnt get any solid data.

Ernax Heridion might have about 30% strikethrough because both fighter's actual block chances were too low compared to their uncontested block chances.

I will keep tests vs. orange nameds or yellow nameds when i have time though.

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