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[103] Deep in the Lost Shadows
Hover with your flying too fast after killing 12 grimlings seems to ruin the Kraghat spawning on you.
Deleted quest, tried again, spawned after kill 7/12. Nothing happened again at 12/12, killed a bonus grimling, Kraghat jumped out of its bodied.

Side note: First time I did this quest, I was doing the Researcher Amoney's grimling vial walloping, which also was about grimlings.

The grimling density feels a bit low, for the island, and I dread having to do it with enemy hunters, who don't necessarily do the 8 vialed grimlings and 12 for Deep in Lost at the same time(ie, guys hunting for 20 kills.. had to really poke around for 12, with hardly anyone/no one else there).
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