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I always thought Waansu was a very well done fight as well. The way the timing played out for everything on that fight was awesome, at least by the time I got to pulling the mob. Nothing "annoying" happened simultaneously. You could actually use the knockback to reach the tube to click it faster if you were awesome and pot cured it. And once you got back to the raid after clicking, adds would spawn. Every time. No offset timers, just a consistent, well timed set of occurrences.

One of THE most annoying things in raiding is coincidence of scripts due to offset timers. A 30 second timer and a 45 second timer that, every few minutes, stack. Berik in PoW is a good example. Grab the mob off the main tank and get instantly hit with the memwipe/deathtouch. It's just frustrating.

I wouldn't even mind a knockback if the mobs all rooted themselves for a couple seconds following. Repositioning everything is just such a pain.

And on that note.. not being able to sprint without dying is completely lame. For many, obvious reasons.

Slippery has provided huge amounts of spot-on information. Read that.  I personally would prefer raids be delayed and not released at launch, rather than shotgun balancing that may make things unkillable after already having cleared the entire expansion, etc.

I liked the idea of the Barroddas fight or whatever that monkey's name was. The kiting and all that. I just don't think you should have to kite him once the hardmode avatar mob is dead.. and I think the priests/dps in the monkey kite group should have to help with the roots a little more. Just to give them something to do.

One of the big things I mentioned at SOELive was the importance of that end-game content. The most difficult stuff, and the purpose it serves for people who may not even be able to participate in it. It is indeed a carrot for people to chase.

I'd spare everyone the anecdote, but it's pretty significant. I used to be in a roleplaying guild. I remember walking up to the #1 paladin on my server and saying "Hooly crap, look at his gear! I wonder what he's killed, and how tough it is. I'll be that guy some day." My buddy laughed at me and said it would never happen. This was during EOF. ~2 years later, I was in the #1 guild on my server. ~3 years later, I'm in the #1 guild worldwide. And now I'm the best* around!

*Subject to debate

If it wasn't for that desire to do the stuff only the best of the best could accomplish, I wouldn't even be playing this game today. Even if only 1% of the population can participate in some of this content, the other 99% are inspired to some degree. To be the guys on the cutting edge saving Norrath every year, that used to mean something! Now, everyone can just save the world in their little solo instance.


Sharing a carrot is not as satisfying as earning your own carrot. Difficult content has inspirational value, beyond the people actually participating in it. Philosophical justification for putting more effort into it.

P.S. Buffrat, I hate you.


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